We are 100% transparent. We prove everything keeping our financials and our information public. They are available on our Transparency Document.
You will find information about our patients, financials, performance and partners.
We will release our Transparency Document on January 2018. 

How do I know my money will go to the mother I funded?

Transparency is one of our most important values. We are completely transparent about where your donation goes, whether is directly to a mother, to our Universal Fund or a Gift Card.

We ensure 100% transparency in a number of different ways:

  1. Publication of all financial transactions: We post all of our financials on our Transparency Document.
  2. Real updates: You will receive an update of the prenatal checkups and when the baby is born.
  3. Due diligence: We have strong personal relationships with each of our medical partners, assuring they attend properly our mothers.
  4. Transfers: Your donation is directly transfer to our account for the purpose of covering the cost of Kirawawa. They are never handled by the mothers or the hospitals we work with, and are never released to anyone for discretionary spending.